It’s great when you meet someone who shares many of your interests.  It makes the relationship so satisfying and easy to manage.  With both of you having so much in common, it’s not hard for friends and family to see why your relationship is so strong.  You compliment each other with your likes and dislikes, but a little too much agreement here can often be a bad thing.  A healthy relationship should have shared likes, but some differences, too, to keep things fresh and alive, so consider:

10.  Since you both like basketball, get tickets for an NBA game, followed by dinner out.  It’ll make for a fun evening and a something both of you will remember.

9.  Go out to eat and pick a place both of you like, you may even be able to guess what the other will order from the menu!

8.  On a trip to the mall, you find that the both of you head for the same stores, again showing your taste runs true to each other.

7.  When you decide to stop for yogurt, you see that not only have you selected similar flavors, but have chosen the same toppings!

6.  When you go shopping for a new dress, you ask him to come with you.  When you have your choices down to two of them, you ask which one he likes best.  You are not surprised to learn that he chose the one you like best.

5.  He’s an animal lover like you are and when discussing the possibility of getting a new puppy, you find out that you even prefer the same breeds.

4.  Both of you like to go to the movies, yet you never quibble over where to sit in the theater, which movie to see or how much butter to put on your shared popcorn.

3.  At the bookstore, you end up in the same aisle, knowing you will probably end up choosing something related.  It’s uncanny and you go home and have a reading session while nestled together on the couch. 

2.  On nights at home, there is never a question of which show to watch, you always agree!

1.  If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Some of the things listed above will contribute to healthy relationship.  But remember the old “opposites attract” should come into play, too.  So every now and then, be willing to try new things.  Don’t have too much agreement – that breeds eventual boredom.  Keep it lively, and step out of your comfort zone.


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