The right way to pursue an interracial relationship

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First off, let’s get this out of the way: the word pursue is kind of weird in this context! It almost sounds like this is an advice column for people who fancy themselves predators seeking prey. This is certainly not that! What we’re doing here is, instead, trying to educate people who are interested in […]


The Best Places to Go for an Anniversary

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Anniversaries are special dates between people who love each other. They can occur between daters as well as married couples. Choosing the best anniversary location requires a deep thought process that unveils the emotional needs of both parties. The following are some suggestions for anniversary locations based on emotional needs: The Need for Excitement Some […]


10 Tips For Dating A Single Mother

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Dating can be complicated. One situation that makes dating even more complicated is dating a single mother. There are certain rules that apply which do not when dating a woman who does not have children. If you are dating, or considering dating a single mother, you should know the following tips. #1 Don’t Be a […]


All-Inclusive Resorts of Cancun, Mexico

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Save all year, get the time off, and then get the best price for the most fun and enjoyment in an “all-inclusive” vacation package in Cancun, Mexico. Unless you are a college student on Spring Break, do not come to Cancun in March. The best deals are just before and just after the hordes of […]