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Online Dating Profile Tips

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Online dating in London can be an excellent way to meet the person of your dreams. Many people turn to online dating when trying to meet people through friends, in bars, and at social events is not working. When you decide to date online, there are a few tips that you should follow when creating […]


The Top 10 Spring Trends for 2019

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With spring right around the corner, runway models are showing off the hottest 2019 spring trends that everyone will be wearing, including your favorite celebrities. As stores get rid of winter clothes for new, trendy spring attire, it’s also time for you to go through your closet to get rid of the old and make […]


7 Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

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Many spouses may believe that keeping their wife happy is a never ending story, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Here are seven ways you can keep your sanity and your wife happy. 7. Compliments to the Wise Compliments are great in public and behind closed doors.  If you only compliment your […]


6 Facts Every Man Should Know about Women

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As a man, you may think that women are impossible to understand, but there’s still hope.  Here are six important facts that every man should know about women.  You may be surprised at what you find. 6. Stand Up for Yourself No woman wants a man who cannot stand up for himself or for her. […]



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Calgary ranks #2 on the Best Places to Live in Canada List for 2014. A city gets on this list by consideration of its population, unemployment rate, and a compilation of averages – average discretionary income, average house prices, average years to buy a home, average household net worth, sales tax, income tax, new luxury […]