Many spouses may believe that keeping their wife happy is a never ending story, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Here are seven ways you can keep your sanity and your wife happy.

7. Compliments to the Wise

Compliments are great in public and behind closed doors.  If you only compliment your wife in the privacy of the home, she will wonder about it and will certainly not be happy with it.  You don’t have to stroke her ego with a compliment every second of the day, but you can compliment her on her hairstyle, clothing or anything else you notice that you like.

6. The Sweet Embrace

There is nothing like being embraced after a long day.  A hug can go a long way and make all the problems of the day melt away.  The saying “love conquers all” is true.  Give it a try.

5.  Signs of Endearment 

Holding hands while walking through the park, the mall or wherever you decide to venture means a lot to your wife.  You guys aren’t the only couple walking around.  No woman wants to be the odd ball walking alone, especially if she is with her husband.

4. Write a Love Letter

Love is in the air.  Instead of texting your wife, go old-school and write her a love letter.  It’s a sweet gesture, and it’s a keepsake she can cherish and read as many times as she likes.  A love letter is more personal because it is handwritten.

3. Be a Gentleman 

Chivalry doesn’t have to die, at least not with you.  Being a true gentleman may get you a compliment and other words of appreciation.  Open doors for your wife, including the car.  Pull out her chair, even when you are at home.

2. Help her Succeed

Help your wife succeed and achieve her dreams.  You don’t have to fund her entire way through school or anything else she wants to do, but words of encouragement will give her the motivation she needs to be a go-getter and make her career dreams come true.

1. Keep your Word

Nothing is better than keeping your word.  If you say you are going to do something, do it.  Don’t make excuses of why you can’t do something that you promised.  This is not a good look for you.  Your wife will start doing things on her own and will not think twice about asking you for anything or to help with anything.  Instead of putting your wife in a position where she feels she cannot trust you, and putting yourself in the dog house, don’t make promises that you do not intend on keeping.  When you keep your word, you are letting your wife know she has a winner.  She will trust you and share her world with you.


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