Having a supportive husband in your corner is a great thing to have, but when that support lends itself to your career as well, even better. Your career is important to you and when that importance transfers to your husband’s feelings, it makes the two of you even more in sync than you were before. Consider yourself lucky because many couples have a difficult time achieving mutual career support.

In relation to my own writing career, I have enjoyed being with someone who can manage that in these ways:

10. I still remember the day my first acceptance letter arrived. I was thrilled and my husband came home with a bottle of champagne. He made me feel so special even though the cost of the champagne far outweighed what I got paid for my first published piece.

9. He helped me pick out a frame and hung the acceptance letter in a prominent place in our home. Whenever guests came over, he would mention it.

8. He was my rock during the time I was editing my first novel, before sending it on to the publisher. He kept telling me I could stop editing because it was good just the way it was. It wasn’t – but I was grateful for his confidence in me.

7. He helped me set up my area at my first book signing. He stood in the background, but I could tell he was proud of me.

6. He never raised an eyebrow when I told him I would be away for the entire weekend at a writer’s conference. He said to enjoy it. I did.

5. He never minds when we are out running errands and I ask him to stop at the local bookstore.

4. If there is a local writing event going on, he knows not to make any plans for the both of us at that same time.

3. I am a voracious reader and he knows it. It’s not unusual for me to have a pile of library books on my desk and my Kindle Fire goes everywhere with me. He knows my need for quiet while I am reading and he abides by it.

2. He understands when I tell him I am going to the library to write. Sometimes a change of scenery helps the creative juices flow.

1. He was patient while I tried to find the perfect ending to my novel. It was a long process and he never rushed me. I appreciated his willingness to let me finish the novel as I saw fit. The ending in my novel was almost perfect, the ending in my finding a supportive life partner is perfect.


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