With spring right around the corner, runway models are showing off the hottest 2019 spring trends that everyone will be wearing, including your favorite celebrities.

As stores get rid of winter clothes for new, trendy spring attire, it’s also time for you to go through your closet to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Fortunately, many of 2014’s trendy spring clothes and accessories will still be in style this year so you don’t have to spend a fortune to be fashionable this spring – unless you really want to.

So what are the top 10 most trendy spring fashions that you absolutely must have? Here’s the long-awaited list.

10. Sneakers

Break out the mini skirts, shorts, and athletic wear because comfy, stylish sneakers is what’s hot this spring 2015. That’s right, give your feet a rest by putting aside your pumps and high heels in favor for chic sneakers. This spring is all about comfort and action so grab a twelve pack of pstel colored socks and get moving.

9. Flats

Flats look great with a pair of jeans, dress, or skirt. And that’s why they’re a spring trend this year. So for those of you who love shoes, and who love shoe shopping even more, this is your chance to go on a major shoe shopping spree.

8. Polo Shirts

Add some class and style to your spring 2015 look with some colorful polo shirts, and we’re talking about the Ralph Lauren polo shirts of the ‘90s. Get every pastel color you can find to go with your short shorts and sneakers. Remember, this is the year to be comfy.

7. Sheer

Comfortable, sleek sheer has never really gone out of style. And why would it? It makes any ensemble feel beautifully dressed up and is so light weight it feels like you’re wearing next to nothing.

6. Crop tops

There’s a new crop top for spring 2015 and it promises to be as comfortable as all the other trends on this list. This year’s crop tops offer elegance and class.

5. Bedazzled denim

It’s about time! We love our jeans, but we love them even more when they glitter and shine. Show off your personality with a bedazzled pair of comfy jeans this spring for a brand new look that will make you feel like dancing!

4. Leather

Leather jackets, belts and boots made their way onto the runway this spring. Leather is always sexy and hot so make sure your spring wardrobe has at least one piece of new leather.

3. The bride in white

For brides getting married this spring, pure white is the way to go. Designs range from casual and contemporary to elegantly Victorian all with a modern edge.

2. Floral prints

Spring wouldn’t be spring without flowers. That’s why floral prints are big this year. Bold, colorful, and blooming, this feminine look promises to be seeped in spring.

1. Gingham

This medium to light weight fabric made from a cotton blend is as comfortable as it is stylish. Think gingham shorts, mini-dresses, t-shirts, crop tops, and professional office attire.


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