You have been seeing a great guy for past six weeks.  So far, he seems like the yin to your yang.  You finish each other’s sentences.  You always seem to agree on the perfect place for dinner.  You have so much in common.  You go to sleep at night, and he is the last thought on your mind.  Morning comes, and he is the first thought on your mind.  You get that “butterfly” feeling in your stomach each time you see him.  However, you can’t help but wonder, am I in love?  How do I know the difference between having a school girl crush and being truly in love?

“This is the One:”

In your heart and in your mind, you know this guy is unique.  He is the only one you feel that romantic passion with.  If a “perfect ten” type walked right into the room and stood next to your guy, your eyes would not leave your man.  He is the one you will stay true to forever.

“He’s Perfect:”

From his well-kept head of hair to the bottom of his toes, you think he is perfect.  There is nothing about him you would change.  He seems to know everything you like and exactly how to treat you.  You find yourself lost in every positive quality he possesses.  In your eyes, there is nothing negative about your man.

“I Can’t Eat, I Can’t Sleep:”

You find yourself counting down the days, hours, and minutes until you see your man again.  You can’t eat, and you can’t sleep until you see him again.  You spend every waking moment thinking of him in some way.  When you finally do see him again, your heart races or even skips a beat.  You feel anxious.  It is almost like your man has become your new addiction.

“I Can’t Wait to Spend the Rest of My Life with Him:”

During free moments at work you fantasize about your future with your man.  Perhaps you even go as far as to count how many bridesmaids you will have in your wedding party.  Maybe you even think of what he will be like to raise a family and grow old with.  The point is, you can see yourself with a bright future, with no end in sight.

“I’d Do Anything for My Man:”

If he ever needed money, you would be willing to sacrifice things for yourself so that he could get the money he needs to take care of things.  In other words, you feel a great deal of empathy for him.  Whatever he is feeling, you are feeling.  If he is in pain, you are in pain, until you can figure out how to make him feel better.

“Would He Like This Dress?:”

You are going to a big party with his family tonight, and as you are getting dressed, you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering if your man would approve of the dress you picked out.  However, it is not just your clothes you are wondering about.  Suddenly, you are finding yourself reordering your daily priorities, mannerisms, habits, and perhaps even your values to better align yourself with your man and the world he lives in.

“It’s Not Just About Sex:”

Both you and your man agree your relationship is not solely based on sex.  Yes, sex is an important part of any healthy romantic relationship, but it is not the only thing that keeps you both together.  It is something you both enjoy doing together, but your emotions make it mean so much more.


Yes, some of these signs of love can be mistaken for just a school girl crush, but the major difference is overcoming any challenges the two of you may face.  If you can agree to disagree, or accept each other’s faults and get past them, then you have a shot at real love.

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