Most couples fight over money, even healthy couples. The best way to minimize fighting over money with your spouse or life partner is to make sure your household has plenty of money. Studies are showing that the number of millionaire households is continuing to grow. In June of 2014 there were 16.3 million households worth more than a million dollars. This trend is continuing upward all over the world. Make sure your household is one of them by meeting and marrying a millionaire. How, though can this be done?

There’s an old saying, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If you look at the global statistics, you’ll see trends that show this is actually true. The rich are getting richer. And there are more and more millionaires being made every day. Where, though, are the millionaires? Most newer millionaires are being made in the US, followed by the United Kingdom, then France and Germany – in that order. Find a millionaire by eating at expensive restaurants, like Per Se or Le Bernardin in New York City. Vacation at a destination where millionaires are known to travel, such as Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, the Hamptons in New York, or Paris.

Chances are good, however, that you won’t run into a millionaire at a restaurant, since many of them hire their own private chefs. Vacations to Nantucket, New York or Paris are pricey – unless you’re already a millionaire. Many millionaires choose to travel to remote locations that aren’t accessible to the general (average or poor) public. They travel on their private yachts or super-yachts. If you’re not already a millionaire, traveling to exclusive locations can drive you into the poor house. There are currently more than a billion people in the world living in extreme poverty. Make sure your endeavor to find a millionaire doesn’t make you one of the “poor getting poorer” class of people. Millionaire numbers are declining in Argentina, Indonesia, Russia, Norway and Turkey.

If you’re already a millionaire and you’re looking for a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, the search can be difficult. You want to find someone who loves you for more than just your money. Everyone wants to be loved, and not just needed.

Many millionaires were born into their family’s money. This type of millionaire comes from “old money”. They have to protect their family legacy. They can’t have someone entering their life and family with the goal of simply marrying into money. Some of the “old money” millionaires may be looking for a partner who’s financially independent. Others may have no desire to meet another millionaire. They just want to meet someone “nice”.

Then there’s the “new money” millionaire. This millionaire has worked hard to become wealthy and is usually aware of what it feels like not to be a millionaire. The new money millionaire doesn’t want to go backward. It’s important that the new money millionaire find a partner in life who will appreciate the work that went into making the money and will have similar interests in preserving the newly made estate. The difficulty that the new money millionaires have, though, is that they have to (or want to) keep working. They can be so busy working and managing their business that dating takes too much time. Failed dating is a waste of precious time for them. For them “time is money” and cannot be wasted.

Most millionaires live in the United States. Japan is home to the second largest group of millionaires, followed by France and then the United Kingdom. That’s a pretty broad area to begin searching for a date. Consider looking in just one of those countries, either as a millionaire or for a millionaire. How would you narrow down the eligible millionaires?

If you put 1,000 millionaires in a room at one time, it would be difficult to know which were available for or interested in dating. And maybe they wouldn’t like you. Maybe you’re completely incompatible. You might spend an inordinate amount of time finding a millionaire only to find out that he only likes to date others who love horses, perhaps. And you’re allergic to horses. People have to “match” and there has to be chemistry.

A great forum for millionaires to meet other millionaires, or for the non-wealthy to meet millionaires, is on-line dating.  Traveling great distances to find a millionaire to date would take too much time. Blind dates rarely work. Nearly 20% of relationships start from online dating and almost 17% of marriages are the result of online dating. Online dating is the best way to find a life partner.


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