There is no question that the Caribbean is synonymous with destination beach weddings. However, until you experience this location for yourself, it is difficult to appreciate how extraordinarily different each island is. From breathtaking private islands, where you can use the entire location for your wedding, to the biggest hotspots in the area, you are sure to find the ideal location for your destination wedding.

10. Aruba

Aruba is a favorite in terms of tourism and offers eight miles of beautiful beach. It is a safe island that also offers a well-developed infrastructure. Host your wedding on the beach on at one of the top-quality resorts.

9. The Bahamas

There are quite a few appealing things about this location. It is varied in locations and offers a number of different activities and locations for your wedding.

8. Barbados

If you want a grand wedding, then Barbados should be on your list of places to host your wedding. While you can go as big as you want, you can also keep it casual at the rum distillery or have a Friday night fish fry for the wedding reception.

7. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

For something a bit unique and different, Grand Cayman has quite a bit to offer. The west side is full of action, while the east side is timeless and laid-back.

6. Jamaica

Home to a huge international airport, amazing resorts, and endless beach, Jamaica has long been a destination spot for American couples to tie the knot.  

5. Turks and Caicos

Home of endless smaller hotels trying to outdo one another, you can find great deals at some of the finest shorelines in the Caribbean. You will love all these islands have to offer.

4. Dominican Republic

Affordable and classic, there are quite a few all-inclusive resorts where you can host your wedding. Due to the varied locations, you are sure to find the perfect theme for your destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.

3. Nevis

History and beauty surround this island, offering a number of unique wedding venues, including the grand houses of past sugar plantations. You can choose a hillside venue or beach side venue and enjoy the natural beauty found on this unique piece of paradise.

2. Tobago

While this is a smaller rural island, there are just enough “big” island amenities to provide an amazing backdrop for your wedding. You can choose boutique hotels or larger villas. The amazing views offered here are well-worth the visit.

1. St. Barts

Offering a bit of everything, you can enjoy a destination wedding that offers it all. Great food, amazing hospitality and exquisite backdrops for your big day, this is the the number one destination to host your wedding ceremony and reception.  

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