Succeeding in dating an African woman takes work. You are not going to be able to sit back and let your foreigner status work in your favor. Nope, it is necessary to win her over. 

So, for men trying to succeed at this endeavor, following are four things you need to do to get and keep an African mate.

1. Know where they or their families (immigrants) come from. 

Africa is a continent with lots of diversity. Some people erroneously still conceive of Africa as a big country where everybody looks and thinks along the same lines.

In reality, there are many nationalities, ethnicities and races in Africa. It is a sign of respect to demonstrate knowledge of how your potential girlfriend or wife defines her identity. True, she is an African. But, she has a more specific identity beyond that broad one.

Find out if she hails from West Africa, East Africa or Southern Africa. There are lots of differences in how the people of these regions look, speak and live.

2. Know her educational level.

It is not easy for African women, in general, to get an education. Those who do are highly educated. Be prepared to meet a very smart woman.

You should find out through either direct questioning or indirectly through conversation the education level of your African connection. A failure to do so can lead to problems. She may feel overwhelmed with the topics you want to discuss, for example. On the other hand, and perhaps more commonly, she may think the topics are a bit boring. 

Knowing her educational level allows you to talk to her as an equal. Many men forget this important consideration. 

3. Understand African History.

This shows an appreciation for her people, their problems and successes. One of the worst things guys in the online dating scene do is demonstrate ignorance of African History. They make incorrect assumptions about the way things are today based on this lack of knowledge. These unfortunate men run the real risk of saying something offensive. Then, they wonder why their African queen stops responding to messages. 

Do a search of the history of her region online, at the very least. More committed men may even want to take a formal course at the local community college.

4. Know something about the dance, religion and food of her region.

Look, one day you will get to meet your online partner in person. You will have to engage in activities together. 

Knowing a bit about the traditional and popular dances in her home will help. She may feel uncomfortable with the moves in your country. Put her at ease by suggesting you two step on the floor to a dance in which she is familiar.

Learning about her religion will reap benefits. To her, faith will be just as important as yours is to you. Ignore this fact at your own peril. Many men lose out in the dating world when they assume that others should adopt their beliefs.

Last, being able to eat the dishes she prepares from her home is must. In some African cultures it is a sign of disrespect to leave food on the plate. So, it is wise to study up on local foods and subtly suggest ones that you are sure to enjoy.


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