Have Confidence 

If you want to date an Australian woman, you must have confidence.  An Aussie woman expects her man to be a leader and stand out from the crowd.  A confident man speaks more words than a 1 hour conversation.  A confident man has a way about himself that makes him stand apart from other men.  There is nothing better than a strong man who can handle business.

Laugh and Have Fun

Aussie women love a man who can laugh and have fun.  No Aussie woman wants a man who is a stick in the mud and is serious all the time.  If you want to date an Aussie woman, you need to learn how to let go and have fun.  Relax and talk about anything but work.  Life is a lot happier when you are relaxed and having fun.  Aussie women are laid back and adventurous.  Relax for a while and enjoy the company of an Aussie woman.

Don’t Ask Permission

An Aussie woman doesn’t want a man who asks permission to do everything.  Aussie women are strong and bold.  If you are a man who is timid or afraid around a strong woman, Aussie women are not for you.  If you want to date an Aussie woman, you have to stand up and stand out.  An Aussie woman doesn’t want the average guy.  An Aussie woman wants a man who is unique and somewhat to himself.

Do the Unexpected 

A man who does the unexpected can win the heart of an Aussie woman.  If you’re an average Joe, you don’t have a chance with an Aussie woman.  You have to be willing to go above and beyond to impress an Aussie woman.  You don’t have to be expensive and controlling to grasp an Aussie woman’s attention.  All you have to do is be yourself, but be outgoing.  You have to be as bold and outgoing as she is in order to make it through your first date with an Aussie woman, and potentially have a second date.  When you do things she isn’t expecting, it’s like a surprise or a present of something you have always wanted.  You can’t lose when you do the unexpected.

Avoid Buying Drinks

Buying drinks may be a nice gesture for women of other cultures, but an Aussie woman will not be impressed.  You have to go hard or go home to impress an Aussie woman.  Instead of doing the ordinary, think outside the box and do something out of the ordinary.  Buying women drinks is a thing of the past for an Aussie woman.  If you want to impress an Aussie woman, be bold, outstanding, or not like everyone else.  As long as you can stand apart from the crowd, you will be able to grasp an Aussie woman’s attention.  It will be up to you to keep her interested.


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