The most proficient ten ways of making one’s online dating profile to be easily noticed include the following:

10. Provide all your fields of interests.

9. Being mystery to make your profile alive and to shine.

8. Ensure you explain about your future outlook if you are interested in children or not.

7. Never talk about your past relationships to avoid raising one’s eye brows.

6. Focus on the prospects you are interested in and ignores others that you are not interested in.

5. Always ensure your profile is up to date to avoid missing important facts about your life.

4. Always talk on positive things and avoid negativity to make your profile interesting.

3. Avoid being choosy and try to be flexible on your profile.

2. Avoid being generic and try to be more precise on your interests.

1. Ensure you put a catchy photo that will attract most people on your profile.


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