There are a lot of different things you can do on a first date.  Many people are afraid of first dates because it sets the record for the future.  If the first date is disappointing, there’s an increased chance that there will not be a second date.  The first date is the first impression for the other person and you want to make sure it’s a good one.  Here are 10 first date ideas of 2015 that you and your date are sure to love and the first impression will be great!

10. Take the Whole Foods Challenge

The whole foods challenge is the perfect way to get to know your date.  It’s fun and simple.  First, you have to choose a grocery store.  It needs to be a store that has food and clothes, such as Walmart or a store that is similar.  The store should be in a central location to both you and your date to ensure no one travels further than the other.  Once you meet at the store, each of you needs a cart.  Both of you are to get special items for the other person.  You need to pick out treats for the other person.  Neither of you can spend more than $20.  Start at the beginning of the store and count down from three.  Once you countdown, you and your date need to head in opposite directions to find something for the other person.  It should only take 10-15 minutes to pick out treats for the other person.  At the end of 10-15 minutes, you and your date need to meet at an agreed location to reveal the treats.  It’s a relaxing way to take the edge off of first date jitters.

9. Looking up at the Stars

Stargazing is not only romantic, it is a great time for bonding and getting to one another on a personal level.  Although it’s the first date, it can still be romantic and fun.  Pick a park that is quiet and has a nice view of the stars at night.  Stargazing is not only relaxing but it is soothing and calming.  Nighttime sets a mood that is unexplainable.  You and your date can discuss future plans, your likes and dislikes or let the night direct your conversation.  A lot of people can communicate better at night than during the day because it’s a relaxed environment, and being in a calm atmosphere helps people open up and talk to other people.  It’s the perfect way to get to know your date.

8. Use the Triathlon Date 

The triathlon date is not what you think.  This date has nothing to do with swimming, biking or running.  Instead, both you and your date need to talk about the activities you enjoy and come to a conclusion about the three activities you will use for your triathlon date.  The triathlon date can be anything the both of you want, such as going out for drinks, dinner or anything else the two of you can think of.  Have fun and open your mind to different things.

7. Volunteer Work Date

A volunteer work date does not sound like much fun to many people, but it can be.  You and your date can volunteer together and make new friends together and make the world a better place.  You may be surprised at how many people take time out of their busy day to help other people.  Volunteer work can be the milestone of your relationship.  Volunteering can be a great way to start a relationship.  You can start a canned food drive and feed the homeless when you both have a day off.

6. Wine Tasting Tours

Wine tasting is a favorite hobby of many people.  Wine tasting is not your average get drunk and can’t remember what you did the night before scene.  Wine tasting is upscale and adventurous.  Enjoy many different flavors of wine on your first date and take pictures so you can go down memory lane later.  As you taste different wine selections, you and your date can chat about the things you enjoy doing, your careers, and things that are currently taking place in your lives.

5. Take a Class

Whether you like to dance, write, have an interest in art or photography, taking a class on the first date can be fun and exciting.  If you or your date have never been to a class of this kind, it will be a great way for you to get out and explore different avenues and activities.  Taking a class is a great way to get to know your date and see how creative they are.

4. Take a Walk

There are a lot of different places you can take a walk and enjoy the scenery and the weather.  You can have a first date on the beach, through the park, and anywhere else you can think of that will be a great first date.  The first date does not have to be about expensive restaurants and other expensive adventures.  A walk in the park could mean more than any money you could spend on going somewhere.  Take a stroll and enjoy each other’s company while you talk about anything under the sun.

3. Indulge in Video Games

Many women and men enjoy playing video games.  Video games can make the perfect date night.  You and your date can rent your favorite games and have a fun game night at home.  If you prefer to go out and play video games, find an arcade and have a blast!  You and your date can test your gaming skills and see who comes out on top.

2. Gift Shopping

Many people may agree that gift shopping is a little strange for a first date, but it’s also fun.  You and your date can shop for birthday, holiday or other special occasion gifts for friends and relatives.  You and your date can meet at a mall or a similar facility to purchase awesome gifts for upcoming events.  There is nothing better than shopping and spending time with a person you are interested in.

1. Order In

The most popular dating idea of 2015 is old-fashioned, but it’s still still popular in today’s dating world.  Order you and your date’s favorite food, and get to know each other in the privacy of your home, their home or another location where you both are able to relax, talk, and enjoy the night.  The first date doesn’t have to be awkward and uptight.  Let your hair down and be yourself.


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