Tired of having women turn you down. Well, it is time to step up your game.

One reason women say no to men is because the guy is a square. Yep, they refer to it as being an “L7.” Not sure what that means, put an “L” and “7” together and you get a square.

However, do not feel bad. There are ways to improve the situation. Remember, there is nothing that says you have to be the guy suffering defeat. Nope, improving your game will do wonders for your dating life. Therefore, here are the top five things to do to get out of the square category and into the winning one.

5. Start Wearing Nice Cologne.

Some brands attract women more than others. Cool Water, Le Male and Dolce and Gabbana will do the trick.

Always place cologne on your wrists and behind the ears. This allows the scent to linger much longer. Many men make the mistake of applying cologne to their clothes. Then, the fabric soaks the liquid, leaving nothing left to smell after a time.

If short on money, purchase a small size. Using the application methods above will make the bottle last longer.

4. Wear Clean, Nice Shoes.

Few men realize that women notice shoes before almost anything else. Try it out. Watch her eyes. Yep, she went straight down to the shoes. So, step it up!

Forget the sneakers. Get some dress shoes that demonstrate success. Shoes must always be clean. Unkempt footwear tell her that you are a careless person.

3. Put on Matching Accessories

A ring and nice watch are all that one needs. Men usually have either too much jewelry or not enough. Get a nice gold or silver-colored watch and ring assemble to catch her attention.

Search online for a popular watch brand available at a local mall. Pinky rings are inexpensive. They are small, yet eye-catching.  

2. Talking Well is a Necessity

Be confident. Practice in a mirror each night talking to yourself. Learn how to speak off the top of your head without seeming to try too hard.  

Also, be sure to let her talk when out on a date. In fact, letting her talk is a good way to find out what she likes.

1. Get a Nice Ride

Something nice is important. Now anyone with money can purchase something expensive. That is not the key. You need a ride that fits your personality. A Mini-Cooper has that distinguished look, for example.

Car rental is an option for anyone unable to flat out by a ride.

Now it is time to get out there and enjoy life. Women want to be with a man who is well dressed, smells nice, speaks with confidence and can transport her around in style.

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