In our world of high technology, people do everything via the PC, laptop, iPad or Smart Phone. It is not unusual for people looking for a mate to connect with someone via the internet. Be aware that the world has become more dangerous. Using the internet for meeting the ideal person is no different from meeting people on the street or some bar scene. Internet dating today requires the individual to be smart, vigilant and cautious. These cautions are simple to follow and could save the individual some future headaches and troubles that no one wants in their life.

Dating sites require participants to set up profiles. A profile needs to be honest with no second-guessing about either person making contact. Always post your own photo and make the photo professional, resume ready, marketing yourself well, smiling and presenting yourself professionally. A profile needs to be unique and relate a good impression to the other person. Think about why another would be interested in you as a person to know. State your expectations for the future, such as marriage or just a friendly relationship. Point out all endearing qualities and obstacles you have or are trying to overcome.

Online dating profiles demand unspoken protocols. If some stranger on the street says, “Hello”, you would reciprocate with a, “Hello”, back. The same holds true for emails you receive on the internet. Keep emails light and airy, avoiding deep subjects, wait until you actually get to know the person. Once emails start to come across your screen, sort them with caution and do not accept any of them until you do your research. Hold confidentialities at bay. Once you decide to connect on the phone, you will get a better idea if you actually want to carry communication further.

The world we live in today demands caution. Research, contacts and verify all information for a potential match. Hold onto all personal information, including last name, email address, home address, phone number and more. Set up a separate email address only for online dating accounts. Use a new PO Box address. Buy a cheap pay as you go track phone and use that number instead of your regular cell phone number, using top up cards for the phone Use PO Box address for all phone and internet bills come to your primary address. Utilize a privacy screen on your computer.


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