There are some surprising advantages to establishing a relationship with someone of a different race.
Just as coping together with a life crisis often brings couples who may be feuding over insignificant things closer together, (as they tighten their bonds to deal with the unexpected trauma), handling the daily pressures of societal frowning on the notion of their even being together can help an interracial couple establish a closer relationship.
Couples who reach through racial differences to connect with those with whom they have a natural chemistry, defying the societal messages and prohibitions that work toward keeping them apart, tend to develop extraordinarily strong bonds once they connect and establish a successful relationship.
It is easier for interracial couples to stay “in the zone” where they are totally tuned into each other, shutting out trivial distractions that would normally keep them from properly concentrating on the relationship, because of the imposed isolation 

that comes naturally from an environment where many don’t understand or just disagree with those of different races becoming intimately involved.
It is also highly likely that interracial couples don’t easily succumb to the mistake of taking each other for granted, because of the sacrifice and high price they pay to defy the odds and become a couple. Interracial couples often have a greater awareness of the “preciousness” of their relationship because of what they may have to go through to maintain it.

One of the keys to a successful romantic relationship, having the proper amount of time alone, is more easily achieved by interracial couples due to the somewhat forced isolation of the circumstance of their racial difference. Of course they have friends and acquaintances, but there is a special aura of “aloneness”, not just physical, but also emotional, created by their boldness and willingness to seek the new frontier of defying racial barriers together.
Interracial couples seldom have the secret fear that couples of the same race might more easily have—the fear that maybe their partner doesn’t really like them, somehow doesn’t really respect them, or has some negative thoughts about them that they are harboring and not sharing. Just the fact that they have chosen to be together despite the circumstance of their racial difference significantly negates that possibility.
Moreover, interracial partners often instinctively realize that no issue or problem is more important than the relationship. They also share the 
extraordinary pride of standing together for what they believe in spite of the negative forces inherent in our society.

So, although you may experience some trauma and anxiety because of the pressures against establishing a relationship with someone of another race, the effort put forth can ultimately be very worth it once you get through the obstacles and become comfortably established in your relationship.

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