She finally said yes! You want to make your first date a total success. How do you find out what she enjoys, and avoid asking all sorts of questions?

Of coarse you don’t want to come off as a person who asks too many questions, in the beginning she might wonder if you are rushing her. Here are three ideas that are above board and not too invasive.

  1. Ask permission to friend her on Facebook, or find out what social media she likes. Having asked one question, you can now check out what she enjoys doing and avoid planning a night out doing something she may dislike. It used to take months or even years for two people to share the things they wanted with each other. Generations before us used “love letters” to communicate their hopes and dreams. This is the modern way to “friend” each other and catch up on what each other finds important to share.
  2. Check out her posts on her other social media pages, she may discuss the things she doesn’t like and why. This will give you some insight on who she is, is she outgoing, more quiet and introverted, or is she open to trying new adventures? One insight that will be extremely valuable when planning a first date to impress, is creating a scenario that will make one of her dreams come true. Keep it simple. If she talks about a music group, restaurant opening, or certain movie she can’t wait to see, get tickets, that’s a winner!
  3. Research the topics she likes, and maybe even her Pinterest page. This resource reveals her personal choices, favorite colors, flowers, foods she really loves and even what style clothes she admires on men. The pictures she selects to pin to her webpages have a lot to say about her own style, moods and social personality. Pay attention to details.


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