After years of working, raising kids and doing for others, the senior years are a time to enjoy life.

One part of social life that some elderly ignore is dating. That should not happen. With more free time at hand, seniors can probably be better mates now than in the past. All most need is some guidance.

Here is the top dating advice for single seniors.

5. Travel with Your Date.

Do not stay at home, if possible. Get out and see the world with that special someone.

Traveling can be educational. Visiting new places is an introduction to other regional cultures and cuisines. Spend time with a date in museums and fine dining establishments to get a real sense of cities.

Likewise, you will also be able to decide if your date is the right one for you.

4. Do not be Concerned About Age Differences.

If you find someone who truly likes you, go for it. Young or old, it is your decision whom to date.

It is important that you, as a senior, make the most out of this part of life. Missing the possibility of true love is not something a wise person should do because of an age difference.

Nevertheless, it is best that you find common ground early; otherwise, one of you could become bored with the relationship.

3. Widows and Widowers Should Know Their Former Partner Wants the Best for Them.

Widowed seniors can feel that dating is disloyal. They gave themselves to someone else for such a long time that being with another can be odd.

If in this situation, you should remember that your loved one would want the best for you. Sitting at home, doing nothing, is not healthy for body, mind or spirit. Instead, take the plunge back into the dating world. Find someone with whom you are compatible and get back in the saddle again.

Lunchtime in Boston – August 2019 – Couple on bench watching the Swan Boats

2. Act Young.

The senior years are a second chance to do things that you were too busy to do earlier. Your mind and body may not be as sharp as they once were, but you are still capable of exuding youth.

Relax, tell jokes and laugh at yourself from time-to-time. By doing these things, you will seem the fun and outgoing person you were, or should have been, years ago. Sorry, nobody likes an old crab.

1. Forget About Any Past Mistakes. Do not Dwell in the Past.

Most importantly for those getting back into the dating game is to let go of past mistakes.

Bad marriages, family problems or failed financial endeavors no longer matter. You have made it to the senior years and deserve to go out and see the world. If anything, focus on the good things you have accomplished. Always remember that anyone should be happy to have you as a date.


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