There is just something about Christmas that makes it as romantic as Valentine’s Day. It must be the colorful twinkling of the lights and the chilly weather that instantly makes you want to cuddle closer to your special someone. Christmas is a wonderful time to go on dates. Here are the top ten Christmas date ideas to help you enjoy the holidays more with your date.

10. Christmas Bazaars – Christmas bazaars and markets offer different treats that you and your partner can enjoy. You can just stroll through the market and enjoy the Christmas aura.

9. Staying the Night – This night means more than just celebrations and feasting on great food. This would be a special night where you and your date share intimate moments. Make it more fun by making yourself the gift he or she always wanted.

8. Christmas shopping – This kind of date will surely make your woman happy. Shop for gifts and decorations together and join in with the holiday cheer.

7. Movie Night – Instead of going out to the movies, why not grab a few holiday-themed movies, order in, and stay at home. Cuddle with your boo as you enjoy Christmas flicks together.

6. Spread kindness – Volunteering at a shelter and helping the homeless is a unique, yet very rewarding way of spending Christmas with your date.

5. Christmas Getaway – Going away for the holidays with your special someone to a romantic place has to be one of the most amazing gifts you can give and experience this season.

4. Cooking Date – Cook your date’s favorite meal for Christmas. Take it up one notch by putting on something sexy and doing an impression of his favorite TV chef as you prep the meal.

3. Tree Hunting – Spend time and find the most perfect tree to put up and decorate in your home with your special someone.

2. Outdoor Ice Skating – The outdoors gives you the fresh air of Christmas. You can hold your date’s hand while enjoying the music on ice. If one of you does not know how to skate, this is all the more reason to be closer as you teach one another how to do it.

1. Viewing Christmas Lights – There will always be something magical when you look at Christmas lights. Most holiday lights can be seen in parks and neighborhoods. You can drive by them or if you want a more special experience, take a walk through the neighborhood and hold hands.


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