How to Make a Man Commit to You

If you have found the ideal man, it takes work to keep him and make him actually commit to you. Here are five things you should think about to help you keep your dream guy for a lifetime:

· Be sure you are really ready to commit as well

· Keep your expectations low and control your daydreams of ever after.

· Wait for your man to actually profess his feelings first.

· Do not spoil a good thing between you two by rushing things to the next level, even if the relationship is moving along just fine.

· The heart is not always right- it is always better to think things over before doing anything rash.

Telling how you feel about a person is okay, but sometimes things do not work out if you do. It is the sad truth but it is for the best.

How to Talk About Putting “Labels” without Being Awkward

There are certain kinds of relationships where you may not know where you stand with a person. It can be difficult to ask a person what level you are on in the relationship or simply state your expectations without making the situation awkward. However, here are three things you need to keep in mind:

· Be prepared for surprises. If you do not know where you stand with someone, you need to think about putting into words what you need in a stable relationship and if you really see it going anywhere.

· Tell it straight – If you like the person, tell him or her. If you do not, tell that person as well. Communication is important in any stage of a relationship.

· You need to find out if that person is really with you or not by simply asking. Only then can you figure out whether that person is actually thinking about your relationship.

How to Attract Someone without Hardcore Flirting

Attracting someone does not always have to be in a flirtatious way. If you are skilled, you can get someone to pay attention to you without being too flirty. Here are tips on how you do it:

· Dress to impress – What you wear says a lot about you.

· Be the Voice – Your speaking tone tells a lot about your intention to flirt. If you have a sexy tone, you are lucky.

· Be friendly – A man thinks a woman is sexy if she is open and friendly, not only to him but to others as well.

· Be kind and generous – The truth is, men like women who are generous, kind, and attractive.

If these tips do not get his attention, who knows, someone else in the room may already have his eyes on you.


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