Have you ever wondered what it is that turns women off? Sometimes a woman could instantly dislike a man and there may not be any particular reason why, but perhaps the woman knows why. Times have changed and the world we live in today is not the same as the world some decades in the past. Women now have more options available to them when it comes to choosing who to spend their lives with. In the past a man chooses the woman they want. Today the woman makes that choice in choosing the man they want. This article discusses some of the factors that tend to turn women off.

Do you brag about things?

Some men are used to bragging about things they do not have. The ultimate purpose is to impress women. They talk big when it comes to delivering their promises they fail to do so. Women do not like such men a bit. Some men would go the extremes to attempt to create such impression. They brag openly in places like bars in such a loud manner so that everyone around could hear them. This is an instant turn off for women

Do you engage in self-admiration?

This is a big turn-off for women. It could be very boring if you take your partner for a date and all she hears all night long is about you and your self-admiration. Self promotion and glorification is not exactly what your date wants to hear. Such talk would not make any impressions on your date instead it would bore them to death and your partner would be very happy for the date to be over if all you do is taut your high grade point average in College and honors you received or how talented you are in sports.

Are you too preoccupied with sex?

This is a definite turn off for women if all you want them to talk about is sex.Such conversation tends to suggest to them that perhaps the only interest you have in the relationship is just sex and nothing else. You may also forget sexual stories even if it was about your past girlfriends. You should find an interesting conversation that will be appealing to her.

No male chauvinism

All humans both men and women are equals so avoid any chauvinistic behavior or leaving any such feelings on your date. Most women are very sensitive to such behavior don’t forget the fact that women contribute as much as men to the society. Gone are the days when women may tolerate some male chauvinism, but those days are long gone. Some men still have that tendency to belittle some women in certain circumstances.

Do you ignore her while paying more attention to other women?

That is a serious turnoff for women. Ignoring her is bad enough but added to another turn off in paying and complementing other women is like adding salt to injury. That will definitely make matters much worse. Most women expect that you will devote your attention to them because that tells them how much you value them and the relationship. This particular turn off for women could if not corrected could set off the relationship on a very rocky ground which may eventually shorten or derail the relationship altogether

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