Birds of a feather flock together. It might be saying that’s now cliche, but it’s true. If you are looking to date a millionaire, you need to go someplace besides where the homeless congregate. If might take a short survey of your community’s resources to determine where you might find someone, but it is possible. And if you’re not close to any such group, maybe you need to find someone who is. The problem is that millionaires don’t often advertise that they are a member of such a distinguished group.

Do you like polo? Do you feel comfortable at the 18th hole? Whether you realize it or not, millionaires do have certain things in common. They often have the same likes and dislikes. And doesn’t it naturally follow that you would need to find out what those are and if you want to get attention, develop the same likes and dislikes?

Everybody likes a person who shares their passions, so if you develop a passion for the same things as someone else, whether they’re a millionaire or not, chances are good that you will have them hooked for a lifetime.

What they don’t expect, when they don’t expect it. This is a common saying among those who want to surprise someone, but it’s true. In fact, if you want to get the attention of a millionaire, do it in spades. After all, everyone thinks that in order to impress a millionaire, they need to do more than what everyone else has done for them. It stands to reason, but it’s not true. Be different. If everyone has given them a dozen roses, how are you going to stand out by doing the same? Why not be different by giving them one rose?

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