These days, geeks are undisputably cool, but it can be hard to date one, because like gazelles, they generally tend to stay in thier own circles and away from the predators of the plains. However, if you have a crush on a geek or nerd, here are some ways that you are sure to impress them.

1. Check Out His/Her Interests: Find out what sort of things your geek crush are into and check them out. Not only will you impress them by knowing about thier geek loves, but you might just find that you like the same thing.

2. Take Him/Her to Comic-Con: Almost every geek on the planet enjoys going to conventions and there are thousands of them every year all over the world. Take him or her to one that you know they’ll enjoy (Facebook stalk them to find out what they are into) and then surprise them with tickets to a convention nearby.

3. Watch a Marathon: Your geek partner will always want to watch a marathon of their favorite show. If you can find a show that you fave together, then you’ll both have a great time.

4. Avoid Alcohol: One of the things that you’ll notice about geeks is that they tend to avoid drinking with someone until they feel comfortable enough. Avoid alcohol – at least for the first few dates – to avoid turning off your geek partner.

5. Take Him/Her to a Geek-Friendly Place: Comic book stores, book shops and other geek-friendly places are awesome spaces to hang out with your geek partner, especially if they already hang out there regularly.

6. Do Something Unexpected & Original: Geeks love creativity and if you can come up with an original idea for a date that no one has ever thought up before, they will be impressed.

7. Mention That Han Definitely Shot First: If you don’t know what this means, then you need to use your friend Google and find out. Because it’s important. Han shot first. Not Greedo.

8. Talk About Your Own Geek Interests: The best part about dating a geek is that you don’t have to closetize your own geeky interests. Let your own geek flag fly and talk about what you’re into – even if its different than what they are into.

9. Compliment Them on Their Knowledge: Geeks are proud of how knowlegeable they are about thier specific interests whether that be comic books, Star Trek or anime. Compliment them on how much they know and they will love you for it.

10. Play Video Games: Almost every geek in the world plays video games of some kind. Go to a rental store and find some games that both of you will enjoy and then pick up the controllers and get gaming.

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