Whether you’re an American dating someone from a difficult culture for the first time or you’re of a certain background and dating cross-culturally, the dating and courtship rules do tend to differ. By familiarizing yourself with how dating occurs with these five popular cultures, you can plan appropriate dates and increase your chances of success and possibly finding love.

5. Chinese Culture

Depending on how much the Chinese culture is ingrained in your dating partner, you should discuss your intentions with your date right away. Some Chinese Americans or Chinese people do date to find someone to eventually marry. If you’re not looking for a long-term, serious relationship or if you’re not interested in settling down, you should be upfront about his. Also, it may be more important to impress your dating partner’s Chinese parents than you think. Families tend to have a greater opinion in relationships in China than in America, so you will want your dating partner’s parents to like you.

4. Japanese Culture

Japanese dating culture, on the other hand, has more similarities to American dating culture. You should go out on several dates before deciding if you want to get serious. However, when it comes to sex, a dating partner from Japan may decide to put it off for a while. Some partners may want to wait until marriage while others may just be more comfortable having sex after a few months of togetherness. If this is something that you’re not willing to do, be sure to mention it right away before dating for too long.

3. East Indian Culture

The biggest difference between East Indian dating culture and American dating culture is that arranged marriages still widely occur in East India. Also, before dating, the two partners generally have to be quite familiar with each other, meaning that they must start with an aspect of friendship first. East Indians will also go one by one until they marry someone while in America you may have a few dates lined up. If you do date an East Indian, much like someone from China, you will have to be prepared to be serious sooner than later.

2. Native American Culture

Native American dating culture is a lot like American dating culture today, and Native Americans are quite likely to sign up on an online dating site to find a partner. However, in the past, Native American women would engage in the Crane Dance, where they would wear flashy clothes to pique the interest of men. If the man wanted to date a woman, both of their mothers would have to agree to it. Then the man could visit the woman at her home at night after she had gone to bed. The man would bring a candle, and if the woman liked him, she’d blow it out and they’d be an item. If she didn’t like him, she would leave the candle burning and the man would move on to playing a flute to get her attention.

1. Hispanic/Latin Culture

Depending on if you’re dating a Latino man or a Latina woman, Hispanic dating culture rules differ. Most Latino men tend to live on their own until they find a Latina to date. Latinas, on the other hand, typically don’t leave their familial home until marriage is on the table. If you do date a Hispanic partner, you may find that these rules apply, but they may not. If they do, then you should only attempt dating a Latina if you want a serious relationship.

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