Put a thrill into your date whether you’re in a new, or a long-term relationship. Adventure dates take you out of your comfort zone, increase the connection with your partner and include the highest of highs down to sea-level excursions.

10- Hit the bullseye and make a date for target practice. Locate an archery range or a gun range where you can use a bow and arrow or a hand gun to improve your focus. Encourage each other and laugh with friendly competition. Maybe the winner gets to pick the restaurant for dinner?

9- Spin your wheels and arrange a cycling date. Many cities offer bicycling tours, so you can ride in tandem with your sweetheart. If a group tour includes too many people, map your own route complete with romantic stops.

8- Saddle up for an afternoon of horseback riding. Arrange a trail ride with an experienced guide to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, or the crisp spring air.

7- Shimmy and shake your way across the dance floor. If an indoor adventure, with your feet firmly on the ground is more your style, shake things up with an evening of salsa dancing. Swirl and twirl your partner as you get closer and move your hips to the music.

6- Float high with a sunset or sunrise hot air balloon ride. This adventure date awakens all your senses as you hold each other close and enjoy a new view of your home town.

5- Hold on tight and feel the wind through your hair as you speed down a zip-line. This tree-top adventure includes climbing up ladders and across swinging bridges and then zipping down to the next level. It is sure to be an unforgettable date.

4- Paddle and picnic for a romantic afternoon on the water. Rent kayaks and pack a snack in a waterproof bag. Find a secluded spot for the two of you and relax as you snuggle with the rhythm of the waves.

3- Find the end of the road as you experience the variety and beauty of this world. Take your partner on a hike through the forests, along the beaches, or up the mountains as you enjoy deep conversations and get to know each other better.

2- Overcome obstacles and use your strengths to run through an obstacle course. Select a course that includes rope climbs, balance beams, mud pits, or long runs to challenge you mentally and physically. You’ll find yourself laughing and supporting one another until the end.

1- Climb higher with an indoor or outdoor rock climbing adventure. A climbing date also improves trust in your partner as your life is in their hands. Do not fear being at the end of your rope, your partner will catch you and help you succeed in reaching the top.


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